Why South Coast SCITT?

"I felt like I was the only person on the course at times because of the tutors' level of personal investment in my training. Choose South Coast SCITT to avoid disappointment - I don't want to leave!"

"The whole course is tailored for you to be successful. Supportive tutors and mentors not only ensure your success academically and professionally but also encourage your well-being. An amazing course - I wouldn't have gone anywhere else."

"I chose South Coast SCITT because I had heard great reports from Head Teachers that have recruited trainees from there in the past."

"I applied as South Coast SCITT was recommended to me and Bransgore Primary offers experience in an outstanding school. South Coast SCITT is also innovative in its approach to Initial Teacher Training which appeals to me being a 'hands on' learner."

"I applied because South Coast SCITT offers lots of 'in school' experience."

"Good reports from other teachers who have recruited South Coast SCITT Trainees in the past."

"I wanted to complete my training within the environment where I would, one day, be working. I wanted to train within surroundings which supported and encouraged me to achieve my absolute best. Speaking to former SCITT Trainees also inspired me to complete the course. I had never heard of a course that has you working in schools, with the children, so early on. I think this provides the experience not only to develop practice from the beginning but also to reflect upon it."

"I was inspired to do my Initial Teacher Training at South Coast SCITT as I hoped to complete my school centred training in a variety of excellent local primary schools."

"I didn't want to spend weeks 'stuck' in a lecture theatre with 100+ other graduates. Instead, with SCITT, we're in with the children from day one."

"I applied because it was recommended by a teacher who trained at South Coast SCITT and had a great experience there."

"I chose South Coast SCITT because it is based in an Ofsted recognised outstanding school."

"The support from the tutors from the start of the course to the end is unrivalled!"

"It really develops you not only as a teacher but as an individual. This has been the best year of my life and I am now able to do things I never imagined I would be able to."