What to expect

"The weeks on placement are the hardest with long evenings of planning but it's kind of a labour of love and worth all the effort you put in."

"The tutors slowly build your confidence to work with larger groups of children until you feel truly prepared for the world of teaching. The tutors make it their personal mission to create high-quality teachers who enjoy what they do."

"I cannot imagine another team who would be able to support you and train you better than South Coast. You get a diverse range of experiences in schools in conjunction with interesting and interactive taught sessions."

"The course is hard work but better than I could possibly have hoped for. Everything is so well organised and matchd so closely to your individual needs that it enables you to enter the teaching profession confidently equipped and ready to be an outstanding professional."

"The SCITT course is rather like child-birth: exhausting, very hard work, painful at times but absolutely worth the result!"

"You get amazing support from the tutors throughout the whole course. I feel I am throughly prepared to enter the world of teaching and there is no greater feeling than knowing what you have accomplished in one year!"

“You will soon realise the impact of the '4 Rs' on your life and how they will get you through! Working and learning with the children makes it all worthwhile!"

“I thought my degree was full time – feels like a holiday compared to this course! It has been a real journey and I have really enjoyed it. You will think, learn and reflect a great deal.”

“What a year!!! A very intense and fulfilling year. The team at the SCITT are very supportive and work very hard to help trainees succeed. The course is well balanced with very useful and stimulating centre-based sessions and exciting and enriching school placements. It is hard work but also extremely rewarding.”