Teaching experience

"I have had a very supportive and thorough mentor. We quickly formed an effective professional working relationship and because of this I feel that we have been able to talk openly and honestly about my progress. This has enabled us to set realistic and specific targets that have enabled me to progress throughout the nine week placement. I also felt extremely welcomed by all the other members of staff at the school and I have even secured my first job there from September!"

"This placement has been a fantastic experience. I feel that I have been well supported not only by my mentor but all of the staff team. All my targets were finely tuned to focus on what I really needed to improve and actions were put in place to ensure I could achieve these. My confidence has grown enormously and thanks to this experience I now feel ready to start work with my own class in September."

"You're eased into placements so that you're not too overwhelmed and so that you can progress at your own pace. You'll soon learn that learning how to reflect really improves your practice."

"My mentor has been incredibly supportive. She is always eager to help me and I feel I have learned a vast amount and made real progress thanks to her hard work and support. The opportunity to observe her outstanding teaching style really helped and she always listened to what I had to say and gave me lots of freedom to try ideas out."

"I was very well supported and felt that I understood and was able to fit into the teaching and learning culture of the school. All the staff were very accessible and made me feel comfortable and confident in asking for advice if necessary."

"The environment within the school supports learning from the children all the way up to the teachers. This type of environment is one that encourages you to ask questions and learn with everyone else. It's like a wave of learning that you get carried along by."

"The school based experience was invaluable in providing opportunities to implement the theory and get plenty of practice."

"I felt very respected and included in the learning and teaching of the school environment."

"The school were excellent in supporting my teaching placement. They ensured that I was included and valued as a member of their teaching team. Mine was a forward-thinking school; they encouraged me to try new ideas and techniques."