Getting a teaching job

"I applied to South Coast in the first place because of the high employment rate of previous trainees and the good reputation that the course had. I felt confident attending interviews and actually quite enjoyed it."

"The staff spend a lot of time supporting you to prepare for job applications and interviews. As a result, by the time you get to the real interview, you feel well prepared and confident, which really helps."

"I was on interview with trainees from a range of different providers and the school staff commented that those of us from South Coast seemed really well prepared and professional in our approach."

"You are supported every step of the way - from writing applications to answering interview questions - I found this a really valuable part of the course."

"I have to admit I was nervous about having a mock interview in front of an experienced Head Teacher but the feedback was so helpful and I went to my first interview feeling much more prepared as a result  - and I got the job!"

"Training covered every aspect for beginning teaching and I felt in a strong position when I started my job in September. In particular, lectures and advice on the learning environment made a real difference."

"Don't compare yourself with others - there really is a job out there at the right school, for everyone."

"The course provided an invaluable mock interview experience which not only highlighted key areas to develop, but also increased my self-confidence and interview technique. In fact I would go so far as to say I enjoyed my first real interview - and I landed the job!"