Learning Principles

South Coast SCITT is a learning community committed to supporting and engendering a passion for learning in children, Trainees, and school and centre-based staff. In partnership with our Honorary President, Professor Guy Claxton and the University of Winchester, we seek to develop individuals as independent, reflective, creative, innovative, collaborative and resilient people.

We believe that learning is ‘about the whole person: their attitudes,
values, self image and relationships as well as their skills and strategies…’ (Claxton, 2002).

We believe that effective practice has this premise at its core and is fundamental to our principles and to all effective learning and teaching. The SCITT Course is therefore designed to foster the following core attributes:

Resilience – being able to lock onto learning and resist distractions
Resourcefulness ­- being able to draw on a wide range of learning methods and strategies
Reflection – being able to become more strategic about learning
Reciprocity –being able to learn alone and with others.